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About Us

Welcome to This is Electric NZ, an Auckland based Home Automation, and Network Solution Company offering complete automation solution to residential, and commercial facilities.

Smart Home for a Better Living!

Your home is your most important possession, and at THIS IS Electric NZ, we just want to make it a little better for you and your family. Whether you are going for a new construction or renovating, or just want to improve your living standard, you can trust THIS IS Electric NZ to deliver complete automation solutions that will actually light up your home. Contact me today to discuss a customized technology planning meeting. It would be a pleasure to help you with home technology requisites, and come-up with a plan to address security, and automation for your home.

This Is Electric NZ – Challenging Technological Barriers for a Smart Home!

At THIS is Electric NZ, I take care of your home automation, so you have more time to spend with family, and loved ones. With home automation solutions, you will still live as always, but this time it will be slightly better, and more comfortable.

A Company with a Unique Make-up

My name is Kevin Adams, a professional City and Guilds Advanced electro-technical professional; registered in New Zealand. With an accumulated experience spanning to more than a decade in three different countries, I have been able to gather significant knowledge, and skills to deliver complete home automation solutions in Auckland, New Zealand.

What Makes This Is Electric NZ Different

New Zealand is a country that values friends, family, and cherish bonds of trust. It is a country that is built on trust, and support. This Is Electric NZ is a locally based company, and I, as the sole owner, director, and employee take full responsibility to deliver reliable, and trusted home and office automation solutions.

My strength lies in my simplicity, customers’ satisfaction, and quality of work. As a homeowner with a family, I understand the value change automation, and technology can bring to homes, and offices. It is a life that I have experienced, and now I want you to cherish this as well.

Service you can depend

As a small local business, I won’t take forever to answer your call or visit your home. For me, it is all about personal experience and customer satisfaction. When you deal with This Is Electric NZ, you can rest assured to be dealing with a person to whom you can put your trust as a family member.

Simplicity you can relate to

No, I won’t be impressing you by throwing in technicalities of the trade. Rather, I prefer to keep things as simple as possible, so my clients can relate to it as well. Because when the homeowners are able to understand the technology, the value of technology gets increased manifolds.

Service You Can Depend

Let’s Work Together